Serial Hobbyists
We make Stuff so you can do Stuff!
Constantly "Under Construction"
Serial Hobbyists is a hobby and gaming accessory design and manufacture company. We seek to help you enjoy your hobbies by providing the accessories you need. Serial Hobbyists specializes in design and manufacture using laser cutting, 3d printing, and vinyl cutting. If you have an idea and need an extra hand with tools or design, we are the people for you. Our in-house designers can work with you to make the accessory you are looking for. Examples of Past Products: Deck Boxes Game Boards Dice Towers Tokens Bases Game Tiles Signs Materials Used: Wood Acrylic Leather Resin PLA embroidery And more... Design Software: zbrush Fusion 360 Illustrator Photoshop and more..
Contact us at : 916.206.1300